Stressed About Taking the SAT?

We help students Achieve their Maximum Potential on the SAT with tips, tricks and practice problems in a classroom setting

Formerly Known as 24hundred SAT Prep

While our name has changed, we continue to provide the same excellent instruction in a classroom setting to help students Achieve their Maximum Potential on the SAT.  Our proven curriculum will equip your student to handle everything the SAT test throws their way.

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Jeff Shoaf, Owner of AMP SAT Prep

Jeff has been teaching high school students in the Tidewater Area for more than 30 years.  A former teacher of the year at Cox High School and current head of the math department at Norfolk Christian Schools, Jeff has been helping students succeed on the SAT for 26 years.  Jeff's team, which includes two other Teacher of the Year winners at Cox High School, as well as a National Board certified teacher, has more than 60 years of SAT prep teaching experience combined.  Jeff and his team are ready to help your student reach his or her maximum potential on the SAT.


We are excited to  announce that we have finalized the schedule for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please click the button below to see the schedule.